Dear All at Haven of Hope Holistic Care Centre

There are no words that I can find to describe how much appreciated and grateful I am to you all for the love and care that you gave to my loving mum and my family during difficult times. With all your care and support, my mum was able to pass away peacefully as well as with dignity, and my family was able to cope with this sad situation.

I, myself being a health service worker have witnessed the professionalism in the way that you dealt with my loving mum and other patients under your care, and I continue to admire you all for your hard work.

May God Bless You All.

Miss Liu's Family & Eric

Dear Lau Lau, Pauline, Alice, Dr Shum, Fanny, Priscilla, Amy, Canna and the Staff of HCC,

Thank you for Alice for giving my mom a wonderful room. Dr Shum for the expect care with a smile, Fanny, Priscilla and a few other nurses whose names I was too stressed out to learn for, for always accommodating my mom's needs and our requests: Amy and other staff for giving her warm baths. Thank you all for giving loving care, support, comfort and dignity to the grievously ill.

Thank you all for the beautiful flowers, the card, CD and the visits. I'm giving the funds collected at the funeral to the centre. It isn't much as I told friends not to give it. It is just a token of my appreciation.

May God bless you abundantly for the difficult but meaningful work you do!

Yours sincerely,
Daughter of Mei-hing