It is not easy to manage the pressure from work and family especially if you need to take care of your aging parents. Difficulties may arise such as when my parent needs the elderly residential service and how to choose an elderly home. Here are the tips:

When your parent has the following symptoms, you could consider using elderly residential service.

  1. Incontinence
    Incontinence leads to great trouble for not only the elderly but also the family members, especially in the areas of home hygiene. Staff members of the home are on-duty around the clock which enables the elderly to have a good hygiene, and proper assistance.
  2. Those elderly who need to go in and out of the hospital regularly
    As the family members need to go out to work, accidents will occur easily while the elderly is left alone at home such as bone-broken caused by fall. In this connection, this will increase the chance of hospital admission. For the chronically ill elderly, they also need to visit hospital regularly. To lessen the burden of the family members, proper medical care to the elderly at the elderly home does help.
  3. With cognitive impairment such as dementia
    Dementia elderly easily lead to home accidents and it is not possible for the family members to take care of the elderly if they have to work. Elderly home can provide 24-hour nursing care as well as the drugs management to the elderly.
  4. Require better residential care for the elderly
    Elderly home provides a better environment for elderly especially those who want to have more social life and find buddies at their age. Regular living schedule and a balanced diet also help the elderly to maintain a regular life style.

Please note of the following points when choosing an elderly home:

  1. Is the environment quiet and spacious enough?
  2. Is there any sufficient medical equipment? Is there any specialty services nearby?
  3. What is medical or nursing background of the staff?
  4. Is there any ward-round service by doctor or even an geriatrician?
  5. Is there any special meal service for the elderly
  6. Is it a stand alone building? It is very important especially when there is an outbreak of infectious disease because it is easy to be infected in a residential or crowded environment
  7. What is the goodwill of the home?

Should you have further enquiry on the elderly home matters, please call the Haven of Hope at 2663 3001.